Friday, August 28, 2009

Art Opera Event Details!

Art Opera 2010
An art event packed with creative magic from incredible instructors, students and vendors. Come explore the Art Opera in Red Bank, NJ from April 7-10, 2010, at the Oyster Point Hotel overlooking the Navesink River.


Fully registered students dine in an underwater fantasy world complete with mermaids, salt water taffy and cotton candy queens. Take a step back in time and en-vision Dreamland of Coney Island, Tivoli Gardens and 1920's Bathing Beauties. Exchange swap presents, explore your goodie bags, meet the instructors, guest speakers, and fellow students. Enjoy a 5 star 4 course dinner complete w/scrumptious desserts. Listen to a symphony of melodies while creating a group project.

The orientation dinner will be followed by 2 full days of classes
on Thursday and Friday, w/additional Saturday Morning classes. Thursday and Friday classes include breakfast and lunch. Don't forget to explore the many artful treasures surrounding the vendor faire from some of your favorite stores and artisans.

Smile for the camera, media will be on hand to photograph the event. While in Red Bank, take advantage of the many antique stores, boutique shops, dining and entertainment all within walking distance of the hotel and other area hotels.

Staying a few days extra, take a train ride in NYC, Atlantic City or Philadelphia for some extra sight seeing, since you are near the seashore, stroll up to the beaches & go shell hunting or picture taking.

A la Cart workshops are available, but do not include the orientation dinner, or goodie bags. Breakfast or Lunch is included A la Cart workshop pricing and is minimal in price.

Art Opera can be paid off in installments. The first half of payment is required the last half can be paid off in 2-3 additional installments, full package registration only. Please email me regarding layaway at Full package registration is $535 and includes:

All Package Refunds: Full refund if cancelled by Jan.15, 2010. A 50% refund if cancelled by Jan.31,2010. No refunds after Feb.1, 2010.

-Orientation dinner and group workshop
-Full Instructor Group Meet/Greet, introduction and meet the first wave of guest speakers.
-Goodie Bags with a retail value over $350.00
-4 workshops of your choice (choice is first come first serve) If a class is sold out you may put yourself on a back-up list incase its gets offered at an additional time or on Saturday.
-Coupons and discounts from vendors and online stores, a free raffle ticket.
-Champagne welcome toast at Antique Center on Thursday Night
-More Surprises to follow

A la Cart registration can
be paid in full or in two easy payments per class sign-up. A la Cart registration is $125 per class & includes the class of your choice w/either breakfast or lunch.
-Now just because you are purchasing A la Cart workshops doesn’t mean you will be alone, you can still take part in the many swaps that will be created, the raffles at the vendor faire, free demo’s, author/designer book signings and Saturday guest speakers, plus hang out w/each other in between and after classes.

Quarter Class Teaching Staff: these classes will be held throughout the day on Saturday April 10, 2010, they run between 1 hour to 1.5 hours, and are sold a la cart price & will vary from $30-50, depending on the teacher's price list.

Monday, August 24, 2009

About Art Opera, Pricing, Creation, Event Coordination!

Hi All,
As you are now aware Art Opera Registration is now open! Now I wanted to take the time to explain to you about the event, some details, pricing, layaway, a la cart and how events work!
Everything about this event was created based on the desire and passion of having an event which has diversity, recognition, inspiration, fantasy, and artful magic, all under one roof in an area I believe was longing for it. Putting something like this together is not easy and isn't something you put together on a whim, just ask any event coordinator. These events take alot of research and careful planning, precision, organization and attention to detail are key to run/host an event like this.

You also must be considerate to your fellow artists and community and try not to run an event the same time as another, that hurts both sides of the parties, embracing one another is more rewarding. As far as payment is concerned these events are always going to be more costly then a normal workshop at an arts center, fair, store or small venue and not always will the classes be taught all day, especially when you are given the chance to learn from 4 to 5 teachers over 2 days, cutting down the time doesn't mean you are cutting down on learning or technique, but instead allowing for you to learn from more then 2 teachers.

The pricing is based on the hotel/event location, seat/place rental, teacher fees, food, supplies, electrical and other fees. These should all be considered when you are searching to host, teach or learn at an event.

The ambiance, your peers, guest speakers, food, treats and surprises are priceless, no money can mark them, these are your memories, your adventures waiting to happen, to become magic. An event is what you make of it, you could be in a room filled w/treasures or a room w/o treasures, its the company you take, good company that can make your situation shine bright
Events are investments of your time and money, but also they are good investments, a one of a kind forum with like minded people, a great source of networking, you can't beat that kind of networking and marketing. They unite us all together, a sister or brother hood of friendship and fun.

With Art Opera I wanted to do something for the tri-state to bring that artful magic to fellow neighbors and invite our out of state friends over for some fun and artful magic. With the economy up and down, I wanted to be able to offer this event as: a la cart, and w/layaway, w/multiple hotel/motel locations and near transportation routes so that everyone can have a chance to come and enjoy.

A la cart pricing is based on hotel rental, food, teacher and seat rental that is how pricing was configured for the a la cart class fees. Full registration is based on other fees.
I wanted to give you all an insight on how these things work, so that you better understand the process, and can feel more connected to it.

One more thing about Art Opera, this event will be the first to give recognition to people in our field, a thank you to the industry professionals, new comers and fans, I call this the AOA: Art Opera Awards. Ballots for voting will be posted on or before Oct.1 running through March 1....Once voting closes, the ballots will be counted and the awards given out on April 7 at orientation. If you want to recommend a person to me for AOA, email me their names.
I hope you have gained an insight and understanding of art opera and events in general, remember I am always here to answer questions!
Magic and Joy!
Lisa! to register

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tinsel Wonderland Registration!

Tinsel Wonderland Workshop
Tinsel Wonderland Workshop

Welcome to the Xmas Workshop and Artful Treasure Hunt entitled: Tinsel Wonderland, located in Historic Lafayette, NJ on Saturday December 5, 2009 inside the 1850’s Lafayette Mill Antiques Center and the Old Vaudeville Theatre!

Workshop is limited to 30-35 students only.


Art Nouveau Victorian, Do you have an elaborate, crazy or vintage hat you have always wanted to wear? What about a frilly shirt, ruffled collar or soiree skirt, velvet pants or velvet coat, fur stoll or vintage gloves, rows of pearls, glistening crystals in red, black, clear, green or dazzling aurora, rhinestone pins or a ladies sash? Have you ever wanted to wear these timeless pieces? Then please do, I know I will, come in your vintage best, or just wear that fabulous hat or dazzling necklace, let’s set the tone for the holiday season.


-Event Time is 9 am to 6pm
-Breakfast starts at 9am till 10:00am inside a quaint Anne of Green Gables Style Cafe which is known for their Gourmet and Simple Foods and is situated in the middle of numerous antique stores and across from my favorite of all: Lafayette Mill Antique Center, this place is also a favorite among other artists. Its so fabulous, that I warn you, you might night leave, the entire up stairs looks like a place straight out of a Vintage Time, filled w/secrets and magic, right out of Santa’s Toyland or Old World Storybook.

During breakfast you will be given your special goodie bags filled with project kits and surprises.

-The Workshop starts at 10:00am-2:00pm students will make a project straight out of a Tinsel Wonderland, this part of the workshop is called Santa's Toy Apothecary!

Students will make a clay/paper mache christmas tree doll with china doll head face, faux mercury glass bulbs, tinsel bulbs, tinsel sheets and tinsel treasures. You will also make an illustrated and distressed tag to go with your piece.

What you will learn:

-Doll making, clay sculpting, mold making, primitive/vintage painting techniques, how to make your own glitter and faux mercury glass. You will learn light illustration and distressing techniques as well from: Lisa Kettell, ooh that's me....

More Information:

-Enjoy hot chocolate and surprise treats as you welcome in the Christmas and Holiday Season, set inside a village straight out of Dickens Book.

-Enjoy a symphony of Christmas and Holiday music to get you in the spirit of the season.

-After Class we will begin shopping inside the Lafayette Mill Antiques Center and start Treasure Hunting, afterwards we will hit a few more antique shops all within fast walking distance.

-Dinner after the event is optional, but you are invited to tag along to the Lafayette House for dinner as well.

-There will also be some giveaways and I'll be hosting a swap or two before hand as well, again seating is limited since this is a smaller event and only for one day.

-Price for this full day of workshop, treasure hunting and surprises will be $150 registration will remain open until fill, once sold out, the next big event will be the ART OPERA April 7-10, 2010

-This workshop price also includes your project kits/material fees, so NO EXTRA material fees its all included.


Lafayette Mill Antiques Center
12 Morris Farm Road (Just off Route 15)
Lafayette, NJ 07848 (973) 383-0065

1hour from NYC
40 minutes from Warwick, NY
1hr 15min from NJ Shore
35 Min from Morristown, NJ
35 Min from PA border (Poconos Area)
1 hr from Pa border (Allentown Area)
1 hr 15min from New Hope, Pa/Lambertville, NJ
1 hr 45 min from CT border

Please use the paypal button on the right to purchase your workshop. Contact me about paying on layaway in 3 installments of $50 at:

To pay by check or money order please contact me at:

To join the art opera group!

Art Opera Welcome!

Art Opera, April 7-10, 2010

Registration for Art Opera 2010 begins this week, stay tuned for details!

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