Thursday, November 11, 2010

Art Opera Yahoo Group Update!

Hello All,
Just a heads up, I have closed out the Art Opera 2010 event and the yahoo group, to make way for a new year and new adventure.

Many thanks to all who supported this years event, the group, sponsorship, supplies and more. I look forward to seeing you all again and to get inspired.

Have a wonderful year!

Please note: I will periodically update this blog page with workshops and events details. Please join us everyday, at Piddlestixs located at:

12 Morris Farm Rd., Lafayette, NJ 07848

See you soon!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Art Opera's Queen's of the Sea Pageant!

Art Opera's: Queens of the Sea Pageant!
Art Opera:Queens of the Sea Pageant!
I wish the opera was every night. It is, of all entertainments, the sweetest and most delightful. Some of the songs seemed to melt my very soul.

Art Opera: Pageant Goodies! 9Art Opera: Pageant Goodies! 10
No Opera, No Beach or Seaside event should be without a Pageant, Don't you agree? At the Art Opera Orientation Dinner Soiree, we will have just that a pageant, one filled with elegance, vintage flair and of course royalty straight from the sea, a pageant called:

The 1rst Annual Art Opera Pageant called: Queens of the Sea Pageant!
Art Opera: Pageant Goodies! 8Art Opera: Pageant Goodies! 5

There are ten main attendee tables in which a Queen will each be chosen at random, by a seaside delegate, then they will be crowned. Later in the evening, The ten Queens will be asked to come up to the front of the room and await for the Main Queen to be announced. The final Queen will be chosen based on the attendee, teacher and guest vote, then AnnDenise Anderson of Whim and Fancy Designs will announce the Queen of the Sea, and bestow her with a crown, sash and septor that she has created for the winner.Art Opera: Pageant Goodies! 7Art Opera: Pageant Goodies!
We have had several pageant goodies made from fabulous designers for the event, these were wonderful gifts made by each, which supports Art opera and the events within it.

Art Opera: The main Pageant Goodies were made by both Whim & Fancy Designs, and A Gilded Life for Art Opera! Art Opera Surprise:Art Opera Necklace!5Art Opera Surprise:Art Opera Necklace!2
The 10 table crowns, pageant tickets and ballots were made by me, Lisa Kettell. The ticket glitter buckets were purchased to match the decor and theme.

Glitter wands were made by Sandy Koterba and will be randomly distributed around the room for the attendees.

AnnDenise Anderson of Whim and Fancy Designs made a crown, the dazzling vintage sash and a septor (septor not shown, pics to follow)Art Opera:Art Opera Crown! 5Art Opera:Art Opera Crown! 4Art Opera:Art Opera Crown!Shea/Debbie of A Gilded Life made the other crown and the Art Opera necklace! The necklace was a surprise made for me, and is absolutely beautiful!
Art Opera: Queens of Sea Crown! 2Art Opera: Pageant Goodies! 4
All 3 of these wonderful ladies hail from Texas, as do several of our Art Opera attendees, coming in for the event, as well as ladies from Arizona, California, Vermont, Rhode Island, NY, NJ, PA, CT, MA, MD and other areas.

Here I am modeling all their beautiful wares:Art Opera: Pageant Goodies! Me!Art Opera: Pageant Goodies! Me 3

More pictures to follow of the complete pageant assemble with the septor, table crowns, tickets and ballots.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Art Opera: Pam Huntington's Workshop's

Pam Huntington is a brilliant artist who teaches workshops across the country such as Art is You, Artfest, Art and Soul, and various other locations. That is why we are lucky to have Pam join us at Art Opera to teach some fabulous workshops:
Pam Huntington Parlour BirdPam Huntington Parlour Bird 2
-Victorian Parlour Bird
Pam has always been fascinated by the old Victorian Parlour's that were filled with butterflies, birds and fauna. Come join Pam and learn how to create your own Victorian Parlour filled the charm of a real one, which can sit in your studio, office or favorite location. Best part is you receive the glass dome as well, love that.

Learn vintage techniques, assemblage, while working w/vintage and new items, distressing agents and more.

Seats still available, contact me to reserve your seat, last day to guarantee your seating is April 5.
Art Opera Workshop: Parlour FairyArt Opera Workshop: Parlour Fairy 2

Parlour Fairy Shadowbox
Pam creates enchanted worlds through her art, in this class join Pam on a journey into a World of Enchantment, a Flights of Fancy in Fairyland, with the Parlour Fairy Shadowbox. You create an enchanted shadowbox with a jointed winged fairy ballerina, while working with a plethora of vintage and new materials which will make the heart sing. Your final piece will have a dancing ballerina which will move up and down like your own personal theater.

Seats still available, contact me to reserve your seat, last day to guarantee your seating is April 5

Pam's fabulous kits for the 2 workshops:
Art Opera: Pam Huntingtons Class Kits!

Visit Art Opera Website at:

to register for single or multi workshops

Monday, March 29, 2010

Queens of the Sea Pageant at Art Opera!

Art Opera: Queens of Sea Crown!
Art Opera: Queens of Sea Crown for the:
Queens of the Sea Pageant at Art Opera!
This crown was made by AnnDenise Anderson for the main Queen of the pageant. Each table at the dinner soiree will have a Queen chosen to represent their tables. The Queens are randomly picked by chance at the start of the evening.
Art Opera: Queens of Sea Crown! 2
Toward the end of the evening all guests will randomly write down a name of someone inside the dinner soiree who they feel should be the Ultimate Queen of the Sea. Then each table Queen will hand the written ballots to AnnDenise, who will then tally up the names and then call the winner.
This Queen will be crowned with the beautiful head piece above, followed by this gorgeous Sash and a Dazzling Septor.
Art Opera: Queens of Sea Sash! 5Art Opera: Queens of Sea Sash!
The septor photos will be un-veiled soon. All three items are handmade with regal detail by AnnDenise Anderson aka Whim and Fancy Designs. AnnDenise is also teaching, sponsoring and vending at Art Opera 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Art Opera Spotlight: Jenny Heid and Aaron Nieradka

Art Opera is happy to have Jenny Heid and Aaron Nieradka teaching workshops. They are an amazing duo who produce works that make the heart sing and dance. One of the workshops they are teaching is called: The Sweet Dreams Mobile, which just makes me want to eat cotton candy, sip of cherry slushies, eat cupcakes and ride a carousel. This project is wonderful and I'm so happy to have it being taught here at Art Opera.

There are still seats available for this workshop, visit the Art Opera Website at:
or contact me and let me know! Art Opera is April 7-11, 2010. The bulk of the workshops will be taking place April 8-9, with some morning classes on April 10.

Jenny Heid and Aaron's Nieradka's Classes:

Art Opera: Sweet Dreams MobileArt Opera: Sweet Dreams Mobile 3Art Opera: Sweet Dreams Mobile 4Art Opera: Sweet Dreams Mobile 6

Not only are Jenny and Aaron fabulous teachers, they also have a fabulous product line available such as journals and note cards. The notecards can be purchased from them or at Michael's Craft Store! Here is a sneak peak of the cards:
Jenny and Aaron's Notecards! 2Jenny and Aaron's Notecards!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Vendor Soiree/Faire Mini Workshops!

At Art Opera not only will there be mini workshops at the Wednesday night dinner soiree, full workshops Thursday, Friday and Saturday Morning, Demo's for attendees at Monmouth Antiques, Plum Cottage and Carla Gizzi, but mini workshops, demo's and book signings at the Vendor Soiree/Faire.

Below is a list of the vendor soiree mini workshops, make/takes and demo's which are either free or for a small fee.

Art Opera Mini Workshops 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Art Opera: Heidi Wallingford Workshops!

Hi All,
Art Opera: Heidi's Belle of Ball Workshop
First off, if you are still choosing classes, you have to see the newest picture from Heidi's Belle of the Ball Workshop, OMG, amazing, looks like I'll be joining her in this class, I have to make this doll.

The Belle of the Ball Workshop is $99, includes breakfast or lunch, and other fun surprises. Some seats still available.Art Opera: Heidi's Workshop!Art Opera: Heidi's Workshop! 2Art Opera: Heidi's Workshop! 4

Second she is teaching a mini workshop aka make/take on the Saturday part of the vendor faire at her booth, its entitled:
"Spring Dream" ~ mini shadow box Make & Take ~ $20.
Art Opera: Heidi's Spring Fling Make/take
You guys are going to love it. Check out her photo album in the Art Opera Yahoo Group under group photos: Heidi's Spring Dream.

Visit the Art Opera Website for photos and to register!

or My Flickr Art Opera Photo Album for more photos.

Let me know whose signing up for the workshop and/or the make-take, so I can let Heidi know!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Art Opera Complimentary Workshop Schedule!

Art Opera is being held from Wed. April 7 through Sunday April 11, 2010 in Red Bank, NJ.

On Saturday April 10 and Sunday April 11, Monmouth Antiques, Carla Gizzi and Plum Cottage will be hosting complimentary workshops at their stores! Here is a list of those mini workshops/demo's.

Saturday April 10, 2010
Monmouth Antiques
217 West Front Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Time: 12:30pm
Instructor: Lisa Walsh
Subject: Antiques into Art
Description: Lisa will be giving ideas on how to recycle vintage items into fun and decorative pieces! We'll also share ideas on how to re-purpose antiques as storage for your studio or craft room.

Saturday April 10, 2010
Carla Gizzi
169 West Front Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Time: 1:30pm
Instructor: Carla Gizzi
Subject: Jewelry techniques
Description: Carla will be having a mini workshop/demo using all sorts of beads and findings Art Opera Attendees will see samples of various creations and have the option to create their own masterpieces for a small fee. New and vintage beads and assorted findings will also be available for purchase.

Sunday April 11, 2010
Plum Cottage
212 West Front Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Instructor: Laura Kent
Subject: Textiles and Crafts (Altered Art & Textiles)
Description: From the tiniest snippet of Antique lace to yards of vintage fabric not one scrap of antique textiles should ever go to waste. Visit Laura at the Plum Cottage and learn about this precious commodity and some of the magical memories you can create with vintage textiles.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Post Three: Carla Gizzi Design and Studio

Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 4
Post Three of my adventure to the Antiques District in Red Bank, located on Front Street, where a lot of Art Opera happenings will be occurring. Post One showcased Monmouth Antiques, Post Two showcased Laura and Plum Cottage, right across from Cheryl at Monmouth Antiques, and today Post Three will spotlight Carla Gizzi Design and Studio located a few steps down from Monmouth Antiques.Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 22Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 26Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 15Let me just say, one glimpse into the window and I knew I had to go into this store. Peering inside gave me whimsical chills, opening the front door and I was in an enchanted world.

Carla's store offers an array of wonderful new and vintage treasures from handmade jewelry, papers, dolls, ornaments, frames, mirrors, trinket boxes to mosaic lined furniture and accessories that Carla hand applies to each one. Her store is intwined in a cupcake chic color palette mixed wit muted vintage tones, and modern bright, all of it works fabulously.Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 10Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 11Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 8Once you enter the store, you will not leave, same as Monmouth Antiques and Plum Cottage. Carla, like Laura and Cheryl will be housing mini workshops/demo's in their stores throughout the weekend of Art Opera. I will post the schedule tomorrow.Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 16Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 24Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 5Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 2Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 6For now, enjoy the photos of this fabulous store, to visit Carla, check out the website at:
To visit the rest of the photos from the fun things happening at Art Opera this year visit:
Lisa's Art Opera Flickr Gallery

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Art Opera Festivites, Post Two: Plum Cottage!

Plum Cottage: Art Opera! 20Post Two of my adventure to the Antiques District in Red Bank, located on Front Street, where a lot of Art Opera happenings will be occurring. Post One showcased Monmouth Antiques today I will spotlight Laura and Plum Cottage, right across from Cheryl at Monmouth Antiques.Plum Cottage: Art Opera! 23Plum Cottage: Art Opera! 2Plum Cottage: Art Opera!

Again, if you are not familiar with Red Bank, after Art Opera you will be. Its one of NJ's artsy areas, next to Montclair, Lambertville, and Cape May to name a few, an area filled with boutiques, antiques, cafes, restaurants, and lots of historical roots. Its an area that has a fabulous department store, reminding me of the days of vintage Macy's, Haynes, Epsteins, and Bloomingdales, Red Bank even has an Urban Outfitters and Tiffany & Co, besides being located in the scenic Jersey Shore area, Red Bank is also a train ride away from NYC 45min/1hour, with a train directly to Newark Airport as well.Plum Cottage: Art Opera! 22Plum Cottage: Art Opera! 21Plum Cottage: Art Opera! 5These are all the reasons I am hosting Art Opera in Red Bank, not to mention the support of the loving community, the visitors center and my friends at: Monmouth Antiques, Plum Cottage and Carla Gizzi, these ladies have helped me tremendously. Cheryl (Monmouth Antiques) has organized the Friday night Art Opera Attendee/Guest party at the Antiques Center w/food, refreshments, surprises/giveaways and shopping discounts for our attendees, starting around 7pm, Friday April 9, 2010.Plum Cottage: Art Opera! 4Plum Cottage: Art Opera! 18Plum Cottage: Art Opera! 16Plum Cottage: Art Opera! 14

Laura of Plum Cottage will be vending at the vendor faire, hosting a workshop/demo at Plum Cottage and joining us at the Dinner Soiree. She has been collecting fabulous finds for years, which you will all be able to see and buy at Art Opera and all year long.

Art Opera Gallery Photos

A full schedule of these and all the activities will be uploaded here, on the website under articles, in the yahoo group and given out at Art Opera!Plum Cottage: Art Opera! 12

Here is a sneak peak at Laura and Plum Cottage, stay tuned for Post Three with pictures from Carla Gizzi. Post Four will have the complimentary workshop schedule!

Magic and Blessings,

To see the rest of the photos from Monmouth Antiques, Please visit the Art Opera Flickr Gallery Site, by clicking below: