Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Art Opera Slice Teaser!

Hello All,

Another fabulous teaser for you! Making Memories is sending A slice machine/goodies for Art Opera, that's right a Slice machine, that incredible cutting companion!

Before going to CHA I was familiar with the slice, but leaving there I became in love with it. The creating possibilities are endless, where ever your imagination can take you!

We will have a Slice station set up at the Vendor Soiree at Art Opera. This part of the event will be held for two days at St. Anthony's Hall near the Train Station in Red Bank, NJ. We will have demo's using the Slice and free Make/Takes using Making Memories items and other fun treats.

Visit the website by Friday to learn more about the vendor faire admission tickets and promo codes you can bring to the door for discounts.

Here are some photo's of the Slice and Me!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Art Opera Teaser! Group Night Guest!

Hello All,

Art Opera has alot of surprises in store for you, every day/night of the event. I'm going to announce another Art Opera Teaser.

Orientation night will have a few incredible surprises, one of them is a group kit from Nancy, owner and creator of Parcel.Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 37Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 28
Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 35Notice the vintage circus animal toys, Parcel has loads of them perfect for the circus toy project from my book: Altered Art Circus!Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 36
Many of you have signed up for full registration which includes your orientation dinner and extravaganza. We have a few guest speakers and sponsored mini workshops lined up for orientation and at the vendor soiree as well.

One of the guest sponsors and designers slated for the Wed. Nite Orientation is: Nancy, the owner/creator of Parcel located in Montclair, NJ.

Nancy will be including a special project kit in your goodie bags which she will instruct at Art Opera, along with the preview of her new design line which will be available from her and in craft/paper stores across the country this spring, which I will unveil snippets here and there so you can really get excited, along with other fun surprises.Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 34Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 33Parcel Preview Teaser!Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 30
This is the website!

If you are not familiar with Parcel, well then you should, it is like a Tinsel Trading in Montclair, NJ, with sweet magic and mystery lurking on every shelf and corner. Nancy has been featured in Country Living and a variety of publications.
Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 26Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 22Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 21Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 23
Are you excited yet?????? I know I am!
What better way to be at Parcel then to see Nancy and meet up with fellow art opera gals: Diana (Vintage Blue Studio), Marlene (Miss Bee), Joan (Art Opera Instructor) and myself!
Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 13 Me and Nancy!
Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 16 Miss Marlene
Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 10Joan and Diana
Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 3Nancy and Vanessa

Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 4Joan and Marlene holding Parcel previews....We'll see you at ART OPERA!

Note: There is still time to register for classes, take advantage of the Art Opera Workshop Promo Specials, register for alacart, full package, sign up for free and paid for make-takes, mini workshops, enter your chance for giveaways (win making memories goodies, artisan goodies and more)Scrapbook demos, meet handmade artists, etsy artisans and book signings at the vendor soiree, be queen of your own pageant with the Art Opera Siren Pageant, and nominate your favorite stars of the year with the Art Opera Awards, dive into fabulous goodie bags and more!
to register

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Art Opera Awards!

The time has come to begin the Art Opera Awards! Several awards will be given out to the winners during the Orientation Dinner. Its my version of the Oscars, Emmy's, Golden Globes, etc. This time its for the Art Industry. I hope to grow these awards as time comes, but for now its our 1rst Annual Art Opera Awards, the categories are:

1. Life time achievement Award ( this has already been selected and will be kept a secret until the day of the event ).
2. Leading Jewelry Artisan (Vintage, Wire, Soldered, Steam Punk)
3. Best Mixed Media Illustrator
4. Most Creative Versatile Artist
5. Most Inspiration New Artist
6. Leading Doll Artist
7. Best Blogger and Hopper ( Most blogged posts, and blogs hopped by this individual)
8. Most Eco-Friendly Artist of 2010
9. Paper Artist of the Year
10. Most accomplished Artisan of 2010

All these awards need nominees, email/contact me for your nominees. You can copy/paste this list in an email to me, and I will add their names to the ballots, 2 weeks before the event, each category will be narrowed down to 3 names each, which will then be decided the night of orientation by the final Attendees!

Good luck to all, enter your votes only one time per person!

See you soon!

Magic and Joy,

Friday, February 12, 2010

Art Opera Workshop Spotlight: AnnDenise Anderson

Today I'd like to introduce you to another Workshop Instructor at Art Opera, AnnDenise Anderson akak Whim and Fancy Designs.

AnnDenise will be flying here to NJ, all the way from the middle of Texas, bringing us her incredible talents.

AnnDenise is teaching a variety of workshops, including a mini workshop at the vendor soiree.

Here are the highlights of her workshops:

Victoriana Top Hat Workshop:
Art Opera:Anndenise's Workshop! 2Art Opera:Anndenise's Workshop! 3Art Opera:Anndenise's Workshop! 4In this workshop learn a variety of techniques. AnnDenise will show you how to manipulate chipboard by sculpting it into a hat shape, learn millinery and vintage art design, crepe paper concepts, and bodice stitching which you can re-create in other projects you may develope. Be introduced to light sewing/stitching, learn how to mix various materials and develope the inner Victorian in you.
Regal Coral Crown Workshop:

Have you ever sculpted with crepe paper? Have you ever made a crown that looked like it came straight from a fairytale story? Then this is the workshop for you. AnnDenise will share her crepe paper secrets and crown making skills with you in this class, which you can duplicate into other crowns and projects.

AnnDenise will also be teaching the workshop:
Acrylic Liboretto Book, in this class you will learn creative book binding techniques and instruction, learn how to work with acrylic board and create keepsakes and art journals for years to come, along with a variety of other techniques.

AnnDenise is also teaching a mini workshop Cockade Boutonnieres!

For more information on registering for any of AnnDenise's Workshops visit the Art Opera Website: for additional information please contact me!

Also to stay updated on the most current Art Opera Info, Swaps, etc. Join the Art Opera Yahoo Group!

Magic and Joy,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Art Opera Updates!

Hello All,

If you haven't joined the Art Opera Yahoo Group Yet, come on by and join, take part in swaps, meet new friends, attendees, instructors, see new releases for the event, more photos and stay up to date on all the latest news!

I'll be back tommorrow with another artist spotlight, more news on the giveaways and more surprises!

Have a magical night!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Art Opera Spotlight: Polka Dot Pixie!

Meet another one of the Art Opera Instructors: Polka Dot Pixie aka Jenny Hernandez!
Jenny is flyng up to NJ all the way from Arizona to teach two incredible workshops called: The Inner Fairy and The Blissful Bluebird!

In these workshops you will learn a variety of techniques that Jenny Uses to create these projects from doll making, clay, sculpting, beeswax, assemblage and more. I have long been a fan of Jenny's works and I'm happy to have her teach at the Art Opera in NJ.

The Inner Fairy:
Jenny Hernandez Inner Fairy
Jenny Hernandez Inner Fairy 2

The Blissful Bluebird:
Jenny Hernandez Blissful Bluebird 2
Jenny Hernandez Blissful Bluebird

To sign up for Jenny's workshop (s) or to sign up for the art opera full package visit our main site:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Art Opera: Free Circus Cart Make/Take!

Hello All,
Another Make/Take added to the rolster at Art Opera. This one is a circus cart/shadow box make and take hosted by me! This will be a free make/take and limited to 20 students.
To sign up contact me through email or leave a comment on this post.
Oliver's Wizard Carnival Cart! 4
Date and times will be announced soon!

This project was inspired from a project in my book: "Altered Art Circus" called Circus Carts. This is a new version using clay techniques and a vintage meets magical color palette with pastels and piano papers.
Oliver's Wizard Carnival Cart! 3
Learn basic box assembling, light doll making, assemblage, altered art and clay techniques. Each student will receive a pre-assembled kit w/pre-made box, doll, and papers. The make/take will last between 1 hour and 1 1/2 hours. If you need to leave earlier, you can finish your box at home.Oliver's Wizard Carnival Cart! 2Oliver's Wizard Carnival Cart!

More info in the Art Opera Yahoo Group!
Have a Magical Saturday,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Art Opera Workshop Spotlight: Ruth Rae!

Hello All,
I wanted to take the time to showcase the wonderful workshops being offered at Art Opera, today's spotlight is on: Ruth Rae and her three amazing workshops being offered at Art Opera:

-Legacy Keepsake Album
-Forged Talisman Jewelry
-Fused Jewelry

The Legacy Keepsake Album:
Art Opera Workshop:Ruth Rae Legacy Journal 2
Art Opera Workshop:Ruth Rae Legacy Journal

Forged Talisman Jewelry:
Art Opera Workshop:Ruth Rae Talisman 2
Art Opera Workshop:Ruth Rae Talisman

Fused Jewelry:
Art Opera Workshop:Ruth Rae Fused
Art Opera Workshop:Ruth Rae Fused 2

To sign up for any of these workshops as or to purchase a full art opera package visit:

Note: The January Promo sale has been extended til Mid February! Take advantage of the huge savings!

Magic and Joy,

Monday, February 1, 2010

Papier Cockade Boutonniere!

New to The Art Opera Fun, a mini workshop called:

"Papier Cockade Boutonniere" which will be taught by AnnDenise Anderson,one of the Art Opera Instructors.

Mini Workshop Info:

Date: Saturday April 10, 2010 at the Vendor Soiree

Time: Will be announced closer to the event

Limited: 20 people

Sign up: Email me your name to sign up

Payment: $20, paid directly to AnnDenise, at the start of the mini workshop

Mini Workshop Length: 45 minutes to 1.5 hours

Stay tuned for many more mini workshops, make/takes and demo's, some are free, and some have small price fee's ranging from $10-$35

Any questions, please ask!

Magic and Joy,