Friday, February 12, 2010

Art Opera Workshop Spotlight: AnnDenise Anderson

Today I'd like to introduce you to another Workshop Instructor at Art Opera, AnnDenise Anderson akak Whim and Fancy Designs.

AnnDenise will be flying here to NJ, all the way from the middle of Texas, bringing us her incredible talents.

AnnDenise is teaching a variety of workshops, including a mini workshop at the vendor soiree.

Here are the highlights of her workshops:

Victoriana Top Hat Workshop:
Art Opera:Anndenise's Workshop! 2Art Opera:Anndenise's Workshop! 3Art Opera:Anndenise's Workshop! 4In this workshop learn a variety of techniques. AnnDenise will show you how to manipulate chipboard by sculpting it into a hat shape, learn millinery and vintage art design, crepe paper concepts, and bodice stitching which you can re-create in other projects you may develope. Be introduced to light sewing/stitching, learn how to mix various materials and develope the inner Victorian in you.
Regal Coral Crown Workshop:

Have you ever sculpted with crepe paper? Have you ever made a crown that looked like it came straight from a fairytale story? Then this is the workshop for you. AnnDenise will share her crepe paper secrets and crown making skills with you in this class, which you can duplicate into other crowns and projects.

AnnDenise will also be teaching the workshop:
Acrylic Liboretto Book, in this class you will learn creative book binding techniques and instruction, learn how to work with acrylic board and create keepsakes and art journals for years to come, along with a variety of other techniques.

AnnDenise is also teaching a mini workshop Cockade Boutonnieres!

For more information on registering for any of AnnDenise's Workshops visit the Art Opera Website: for additional information please contact me!

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Magic and Joy,

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