Friday, February 19, 2010

Art Opera Teaser! Group Night Guest!

Hello All,

Art Opera has alot of surprises in store for you, every day/night of the event. I'm going to announce another Art Opera Teaser.

Orientation night will have a few incredible surprises, one of them is a group kit from Nancy, owner and creator of Parcel.Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 37Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 28
Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 35Notice the vintage circus animal toys, Parcel has loads of them perfect for the circus toy project from my book: Altered Art Circus!Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 36
Many of you have signed up for full registration which includes your orientation dinner and extravaganza. We have a few guest speakers and sponsored mini workshops lined up for orientation and at the vendor soiree as well.

One of the guest sponsors and designers slated for the Wed. Nite Orientation is: Nancy, the owner/creator of Parcel located in Montclair, NJ.

Nancy will be including a special project kit in your goodie bags which she will instruct at Art Opera, along with the preview of her new design line which will be available from her and in craft/paper stores across the country this spring, which I will unveil snippets here and there so you can really get excited, along with other fun surprises.Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 34Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 33Parcel Preview Teaser!Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 30
This is the website!

If you are not familiar with Parcel, well then you should, it is like a Tinsel Trading in Montclair, NJ, with sweet magic and mystery lurking on every shelf and corner. Nancy has been featured in Country Living and a variety of publications.
Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 26Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 22Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 21Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 23
Are you excited yet?????? I know I am!
What better way to be at Parcel then to see Nancy and meet up with fellow art opera gals: Diana (Vintage Blue Studio), Marlene (Miss Bee), Joan (Art Opera Instructor) and myself!
Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 13 Me and Nancy!
Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 16 Miss Marlene
Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 10Joan and Diana
Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 3Nancy and Vanessa

Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 4Joan and Marlene holding Parcel previews....We'll see you at ART OPERA!

Note: There is still time to register for classes, take advantage of the Art Opera Workshop Promo Specials, register for alacart, full package, sign up for free and paid for make-takes, mini workshops, enter your chance for giveaways (win making memories goodies, artisan goodies and more)Scrapbook demos, meet handmade artists, etsy artisans and book signings at the vendor soiree, be queen of your own pageant with the Art Opera Siren Pageant, and nominate your favorite stars of the year with the Art Opera Awards, dive into fabulous goodie bags and more!
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  1. WOw beautiful sneak peaks can't wait! This is going to be a wonderful event. I have to try to get to Parcel soon. Thanks for sneek peaks! Hugs Grace