Monday, February 8, 2010

Art Opera Spotlight: Polka Dot Pixie!

Meet another one of the Art Opera Instructors: Polka Dot Pixie aka Jenny Hernandez!
Jenny is flyng up to NJ all the way from Arizona to teach two incredible workshops called: The Inner Fairy and The Blissful Bluebird!

In these workshops you will learn a variety of techniques that Jenny Uses to create these projects from doll making, clay, sculpting, beeswax, assemblage and more. I have long been a fan of Jenny's works and I'm happy to have her teach at the Art Opera in NJ.

The Inner Fairy:
Jenny Hernandez Inner Fairy
Jenny Hernandez Inner Fairy 2

The Blissful Bluebird:
Jenny Hernandez Blissful Bluebird 2
Jenny Hernandez Blissful Bluebird

To sign up for Jenny's workshop (s) or to sign up for the art opera full package visit our main site:

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