Saturday, January 30, 2010

Art Opera Updates!

Hello All,
The Art Opera Blog has been quiet over the past few months due to the holidays, events and busy planning to make sure every attendee, instructor, sponsor, vendor and guest has a wonderful time.
Art Opera Advertising Banner!
Many of you stay connected to updates on the:
New Art Opera Website:
There is currently a monthly special called The Jan. Promo Event, All full registration tickets are on sale for $435.00 from $535.00,this saves you $100
All Alacart workshop tickets are on sale for $99.00 from $125.00 this saves you $26!
There are even vendor discounts!

The Art Opera Ning Network

and now the new Art Opera Yahoo Group:

Click to join artopera

Click to join artopera

Photos showcasing the art opera can be found in three locations: On the Art Opera Main Website:

On the Moonfaires World Website, under the Art Opera Tab

and in the Art Opera Flickr Album at: Art Opera Photo Album

In these albums you will find Workshop Sample Photos, Red Bank Area Photos, Antique Centers, Oyster Point Photos and Class Room Photos.

The Art Opera Newsletter will be available to receive as of this coming Monday or Tuesday! By signing up you will receive the latest updates and insite into instructors, interviews, new sponsors, vendors, make and takes, freebies, demos and more.

Enjoy our ads and shout/outs in many of the main stream magazines such as:
Altered Arts Magazine and Where Woman Create, more to follow.

Enter the OWOH giveaway on my Faerie Enchantment Blog at: by entering the giveaway you can win art opera worskhops, and many other prizes.

More updates to follow, I look foward to seeing you in April!
Magic and Joy,

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