Sunday, March 7, 2010

Art Opera Activities! Post 1: Monmouth Antiques

Monmouth Antiques! Art OperaMonmouth Antiques! Art Opera  3Early last week I headed down for a bunch of meetings in Red Bank to get some things organized for Art Opera, After wards I went down to visit Cheryl, Laura and Carla on Front Street which is the heart of the Antique district in Red Bank, around the corner from the Oyster Point and Molly Pitcher, where the Art Opera is being held!Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 5Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 6Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 8Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 9Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 14If you are not familiar with Red Bank, after Art Opera you will be. Its one of NJ's artsy areas, next to Montclair, Lambertville, and Cape May to name a few, an area filled with boutiques, antiques, cafes, restaurants, and lots of historical roots. Its an area that has a fabulous department store, reminding me of the days of vintage Macy's, Haynes, Epsteins, and Bloomingdales, Red Bank even has an Urban Outfitters and Tiffany & Co, besides being located in the scenic Jersey Shore area, Red Bank is also a train ride away from NYC 45min/1hour, with a train directly to Newark Airport as well.
Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 16Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 15Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 33Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 20Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 35Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 24These are all the reasons I am hosting Art Opera in Red Bank, not to mention the support of the loving community, the visitors center and my friends at: Monmouth Antiques, Plum Cottage and Carla Gizzi, these ladies have helped me tremendously. Cheryl (Monmouth Antiques) has organized the Friday night Art Opera Attendee/Guest party at the Antiques Center w/food, refreshments, surprises/giveaways and shopping discounts for our attendees, starting around 7pm, Friday April 9, 2010.Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 25Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 17Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 18Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 21Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 42What a great way to start the weekend at Art Opera, keeping all our attendees and guests together and giving them a world of magic, art and fun, on a Friday Night. Cheryl has even printed hundreds of Spring Fling and Art Opera postcards, Spring Fling totes for giveaways, has antique/art gift baskets, brought stuff in to fill the shopping palette of the guests to search through and buy w/discounts. She has even worked with Laura and Carla to provide free workshops over the weekend for attendees and guests to attend, after the shop at the vendor fair, before they shop or after. In the last of this 4 part post, I will add the complimentary Art Opera Workshop Schedule hosted by:

-Monmouth Antiques
-Plum Cottage
-Carla Gizzi

These are in addition to the free make/takes, mini workshops at the Art Opera Vendor Faire. So please attendees and guests wear your name badges so they know who you are.
A full schedule of these and all the activities will be uploaded here, on the website under articles, in the yahoo group and given out at Art Opera!Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 31Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 30Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 28Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera 26

I had to snap some sneak peaks of Monmouth Antiques for all of you to enjoy and get excited over when you arrive. Tonight I will start post two with pictures from Plum Cottage and Post Three with pictures from Carla Gizzi. Post Four will have the complimentary workshop schedule!

Magic and Blessings,

To see the rest of the photos from Monmouth Antiques, Please visit the Art Opera Flickr Gallery Site, by clicking below:
Art Opera Flickr Gallery

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  1. This all sounds fabulous - my mouth is watering at all the tempting pix and descriptions of what you have arranged. You are a magician!