Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lantern Collecting, Crepe Paper, Diana, Joan, Me!

Art Opera Prep: Me, Diana and LanternsMe and Diana
Art Opera is working hard everyday to bring its attendees, guests, friends, sponsors, instructors and vendors a wonderful time. There are several steps to achieving magic within an event, no matter if you have 2 guests, 22 guests or 200 guests, your event has to be filled with an ambiance and warmth that your guests will never forget, that first step is location, the next food, followed by ambiance.
Art Opera Prep: Diana and LanternsDianaArt Opera Lanterns: Cupcake Chic!
The theme of Art Opera 2010 is Vintage Coney Island and Seaside Flapper. What does that mean? To me that means, Luna Part, Dreamland and Dreamland 2 amusement parks that were located within Coney Island at the Turn of the Century. These parks were filled with ornate and whimsical buildings, fantasy themed shows, amusements and seaside elegance. Carnivals, bathing pavilions, delicious food fares and sweets such as likers (small ice cream shots), candy apples, taffy, cotton candy and more.
Art Opera Lanterns: Cupcake Chic!
Lanterns and lights could be see in every inch and corner, a Trivoli Gardens effect. Trivoli Gardens is still around today, the oldest amusement park in the world, located in Copenhagen Denmark. I want to bring this magical world to you, to create this world will take lots of lights, lanterns, Chinese parasols, carnival candies, a seaside pageant and more.Art Opera Lanterns: Cupcake Chic!
The colors are similar to salt water taffy, a cupcake chic color palette filled w/seer sucker striped prints, pinks, aquas, robin eggs blue, lemonade yellow, sea foam green, sugar plum purple, sweet peach and creamy whites.
Art Opera Colors: Cupcake Chic!candy containers
To start, all the lanterns have been picked, ordered and fluffed for their journey to Red Bank, Chinese parasols have been created, glitter buckets decorated and crepe paper crimped. Diana and I pleated yards and yards of pastel crepe paper for the Art Opera Favor/Pre-Party where some of the committee and attendees will meet and help to assemble to attendee boutonaires. The main base of the boutonaires are provided by AnnDenise Anderson, which she cut from chipboard in the form of Ice Cream Cones and Sundaes. The Candy Cones for the tables and the Seaside Pageant Crowns have become to be created.
Art Opera Colors: Cupcake Chic!Art Opera Prep: Crepe NinjasStay tuned for the pics from favor/pre-party March 6, stay tuned for the photos from the shoppes participating in the Art Opera Shop Walk, the art opera affiliate workshop schedule and more surprises.

Magic and Joy,
and the Art Opera!


  1. hahaah 3 silly girls! I can't wait to see you girls and laugh Saturday...ok and work! lol Everything sounds so cute and pretty and magical can't wait for Art Opera! Hugs Grace

  2. I'm still recovering from am I going to survive this Saturday? haha