Monday, March 1, 2010

The Slice Machine: Art Opera Demos/Giveaways!

Hello Art Opera Fans, Friends, Guests and Attendees!

Making Memories has graciously sent us a Slice Machine and Cartridges for Art Opera. We will have Making Memories Giveaways throughout the event, along with product demo's.

Are you familiar with a Slice? if not after Art Opera you will be, this machine comes in two cupcake chic colors: Baby Blue and Pink, both the same and both wonderful. The machine uses small cartridges the size of a digital camera card, to upload a variety of designs. Each Cartridge has a design pack built into it for use.

Once you insert the cartridge you are off and running. The ones we received are over the top amazing! We have one set filled w/frilly frames, silhouettes, and frou frou, the other more grungy cool with tags, lettering and borders.

Both these cartridges will be shown at the Vendor Faire April 10-11, 2010. You will see how to use the machine and its various ideas, and get some fabulous cutouts to take home with you to use in your scrap booking and paper arts.

After seeing this machine you'll want one too. Get giveaway tickets for some cool Making Memories products and supplies.

See you soon!

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