Monday, March 1, 2010

Art Opera Swaps!

New Swap: Sweet Shoppe ATC!
Sweet Shoppe ATC Swap!

Think: Cupcakes, Tarts, Pies, Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Lollipops, Ice Cream: Cones/Sundaes, Chocolate, Hearts, Lintzer Tarts, Candy/Jelly Apples, Bubble Gum, PopTarts, Opera Cake, Cotton Candy, Soda Pop, Soda and Milk Shakes, Cherry Desserts, Blueberries, Blue Raspberry, Key Lime Pie, Donuts, Twizzlers, Smarties, Gumdrops, Sugared candies, heart and swedish fish, Hersey, Godiva, Ladure, Vintage Bake and Confectionary Shoppes, 1950s Soda Shops, 5 & 10's, 1900's Coffee and Cake Cafe's, the list goes on.

Sign up deadline for Art Opera Attendees: March 10, 2010

Art Opera Attendee Pick up date: April 10, 2010

2 for 2 swap, make 2 get 2
I will assign your partners on March 11, 2010

-You may sign up here as well, or contact me directly!

This is open to the faerie zine and art opera members as well.

-Those coming to Art Opera, will be kept together as partners so they may pick up their swaps at the event, all others will be paired accordingly and you will mail to your partner. The deadline for Non-Art Opera Swappers is May 15 in which you will mail your atc's to your partner.

-There are several swaps going on in the Art Opera Yahoo Group, so come and join us at the Art Opera Yahoo Group for some fun!

Magic, Blessings and Tons of Sugary Sweetness!

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